Bay Area Tech Wages Are The Nation’s Highest At $123K, But Should Entrepreneurs Look Elsewhere As Costs Rise?

Send them to South Florida! We have a major demand for tech (software development, architecture, design and security) and not enough candidates to fill the jobs! Have them contact me! 🙂


The San Francisco Bay Area pays the highest median tech wage, at $123,497, but comes with higher taxes and housing costs, according to data assembled by Good April, an online tax-planning startup based in SF.

Despite the significant gap in wages and costs between the Bay Area and other tech hubs, it doesn’t look like it’s causing a significant talent exodus yet.

The median wage for tech workers in San Francisco, Marin, and San Mateo counties is nearly 21 percent higher than the second highest, Boston, at $102,230. However, while this wage is good for top-flight engineers, it leads to significantly higher costs for entrepreneurs.

Good April found that salaries for a 10-person team, on average, would total $1,234,970 in San Francisco, but only $932,490 in Austin, Texas. The difference in how much equity a founder has to give up can be substantial. If you were raising capital at…

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