GOA Fights to Preserve Stand Your Ground Laws,

imaconstitutionalist’s comments:
From an historical and economics perspective so-called Gun Control Laws have very limited efficacy in anything other than taking guns from law-abiding citizens and increasing black-market prices and demand. It has little effect in urban crime rates (Baltimore and Chicago are excellent statistical examples). Since we already know that Holder and Obama have profited from illegal arms distribution in Fast and Furious, I am led to believe (since correlation doesn’t imply causation) that the incitement for gun control measures by this administration are casually related to a desire to increase the black market to continue to distribute guns and other weaponry to the Drug Czars’ cohorts further delineating our urban neighborhoods and pushing forward additional illegal immigration agendas. The less protection we citizens have-the more dependent on Big Brother we become. It’s the Marxist way.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

GOA Fights to Preserve Stand Your Ground Laws,
Pro-gun Majority on Court

“Mr. Holder’s comments rankled gun-rights groups and other supporters of [Stand Your Ground] laws…. Erich Pratt, spokesman for the Gun Owners of America, said the attorney general ‘wants to take us back to the days where those who are under attack are forced to retreat.’” — Wall Street Journal, July 16, 2013

GOA Standing our Ground against assaults
y the Obama Administration

It was a good week for gun owners in many respects.

First, unless you were living in a cave the past few days, you have surely heard about the acquittal of George Zimmerman in Florida.

While this was certainly a tragic case, the jury followed the law and acquitted Zimmerman of second degree murder — in the case which has now become internationally famous.

Predictably, the Obama administration is using this case to…

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