Abuse by Proxy Continues in the Family Courts – More on Punishments for Being a Girl

There are no words to describe my absolute disgust by the courts in this decision.  No words.

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5 Responses to Abuse by Proxy Continues in the Family Courts – More on Punishments for Being a Girl

  1. cynthia Wheeler says:

    Cojamalik@aol.com . It is happening almost list custody of my 11 month old daughtet. Judge James L. Martz palm beach county court said “I waas more intrested in child support than vthe relation ship between father and daughter . I gave 23 days noun court order visit in 8 months. When the father admitted in court that he lied about nee being late for exchanges because v the child Judge Martz said I worried about little things and i only had 1 hour. Judge martz engaged in ex parte communication and exchanged emails with one party, refused to give me a courtdate and falsi fied records . Of course there is no v record of what v was v testified to in court, because family court hearings are not recorded . No stats are being kept.

  2. david says:

    Judge Martz is completely and utterly insane. When I complained about him he actually called my attorney and threatened to have me baker acted. He had illegal ex parte communications with my ex-wife. He facebooked her. He was on linked in with her. He broke so many laws that when we finally got in front of a new judge, the new judge( judge scher) ordered my child returned to me that day. Like that day within the hour. I can prove the illegal ex parte conversations. I can prove so much. And the day my daughter turns 12 and can testify, I assure you that very day Judge Martz won’t only not be a judge, he will not be a lawyer. I have just been biding my time. This man tried to have me baker acted. All because he wad sleeping withy ex-wife.

    • Cynthia Wheeler says:

      When I attempted to give judge Martz JA recusal papers at Gunclub rd.the sheriff deputy approached me in a rude tone of voice asked me what I wanted, stated he remembered me. So I left and I would give Judge Martz recusal papers by fax. I was barely gone for 10 minutes before my recently fired attorney called me, trying to tell me I couldn’t be there. I told him he was no longer my attorney. Are the conversations judge Martz is having with these attorneys considered ex-parte? It doesn’t puss the v smell test for a judge to have attorneys on speed dial.

  3. Cynthia Wheeler says:

    Email me my name is Cynthia. I had him removed from my case my email is cojamalik@aol.com

  4. Cynthia says:

    I am trying to connect with others that appeared before judge James Martz. I an also trying to connect with others who had rights violated in palm beach county family court. My email address is cojamalik@aol.con

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