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New York City Begins Its Celebration of the End of the Bloomberg Regime

The Billionaire Monarch of “New Yorktopia” is Finally Moving Out Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 108th Mayor of New York City elected in 2001, is finally stepping down this coming January, and for many people, that day can’t come soon enough.  The … Continue reading

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Obama and Hitler: More in Common than you Realize

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Obama Made a Promise Very Similar to Adolf Hitler

Barack Obama, in a Feb. 2, 2009 interview on the Today show said, “If I don’t have this done in three years, then this is going to be a one‑term proposition.” This was in reference to the economic stimulus plan. … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigration Policy Reform is Premature – We Need to Take Care of the Native Americans First

 Being American is great, if you aren’t really American. As the great immigration debate continues to plod along, with lawmakers arguing over whether or not illegal immigrants that have made their homesteads here in the United States without authorization should … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2013 with imaconstitutionalist

As I sit on my MetroSectional, coffee and cigarette on my left, and my iPad on my lap, I have reason to be thankful. I am, after all, home from the military. I see my family in person every day, … Continue reading

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More Lies by FL DEC Leaders… Alan Clendenin’s Phone Call to imaconstitutionalist

Alan Clendenin, First Vice Chair of the Florida Democratic Party, returned my call yesterday, Monday, November 25, 2013, at 10:41AM, and I missed it. I called him back four minutes later, and we had a chat over the issues brought … Continue reading

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Florida Democratic Party Asks imaconstitutionalist to STOP Writing about William Rankin and its Own Party Members to Stop Vetting Him

The William D. Rankin debacle will forever be memorialized in the annals of the Florida Democratic Leadership’s‘Library of Continuing Ineptitude’  In an effort to buy time and avoid the imminent embarrassment of prematurely endorsing William D. Rankin, an obviously unqualified … Continue reading

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