Who Is imaconstitutionalist?

After my recent article on the Democratic candidate for Florida CFO, William Rankin, Democratic Party Didn’t Vet William Rankin there have been phone calls, emails, (and whines) of inquiry made to various people throughout South Florida to find out more about me by some of the Democratic leadership in South Florida.

I’ll save you all a phone call…though by all means, I’m an open book, unlike William Rankin, and more than willing to answer any questions. If you feel you need to know more, send me a direct tweet @BKnight561. I’ll call you back immediately.

1. I was born and raised in Palm Beach County, FL. Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach was my birthplace.

2. I attended the Palm Beach County School of Performing Arts. I was a Dance Major. I danced for over 15 years.

3. I held a Series 7 security license and worked for Merrill Lynch early on in my career in both capital markets and equities. I hated the industry and loved my job. I’ve also worked for the Jewish Federation of PBC, Ocwen Financial Corp, and Overseas Service Corp.

4. I became a headhunter in 2002 and was a Division Director for Robert Half International. I had a great record and was very profitable for them. I was also stressed all the time. I left due to a major family change and three consecutive deaths in my family. My kids and I needed a break from my grinding schedule.

5. I Registered as a Republican when I was 18. I never bothered changing it because I don’t believe that the current party system is effective, and I honestly couldn’t care less what party you are-so long as you’re honest and qualified.

6. I filed bankruptcy when I was 20 years old as a result of a bad car accident and lousy insurance. That sucked.

7. I’m divorced. Twice. I have 2 great kids. I love them and wish I had more time with them.

8. I enlisted in the US Navy at 32. They called me ‘Grandma’ and that sucked. I was promoted to E-6 before my third year of service. I received a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. I had an Honorable Discharge. I worked with some great, and some not-so-great, people. I learned a lot and love my military family.

9. I will show you my DD-214. Just ask. I keep it with me at all times.

10. I don’t work for Jeff Atwater, as William Rankin accused tonight (while pointing at me like a petulant child) at what was supposed to be an open meeting at the Riviera Beach AFL CIO which he had me improperly barred. I am not a mole. I like to research before I vote. If I feel you’re full of crap I will tell you one way or another.

11. I believe in being an informed voter. If I like your qualifications, I will vote for you. If you refuse to answer basic questions, I will hold you accountable. I could care less about your party. I care about the TRUTH. If I am wrong in my research, I will be happy to make a correction. Give me proof.

12. I studied history (major) Econ (minor). I am a policy and law junkie.

13. I spend a lot of time reading, and despise small talk.

14. I don’t date (anymore). I’m a workaholic.

15. I am close with my family, and they know everything about me. Everything. Not one freaking secret, which is sometimes a pain, but whatev.

16. I am a partner in a social media company. Social media is (obviously) a powerful tool. I don’t abuse it, but I certainly respect it. I also work in the legal field. Mostly criminal defense, juvenile pro-bono and civil rights in a support role.

17. I don’t trust the people in government anymore, but I do believe in the Constitution.

18. I believe in a woman’s right to choose and the right of people to marry whomever they choose. It’s not up for legislature to dictate.

19. I believe that career politicians (of which my family has long history within the State Department) have become celebrities instead of representatives of the will of the people. They forget that they are civil servants.

20. I believe that DCF in Florida has categorically failed families and should be completely overhauled.

21. I am never interested in running for office. I am so bad at small talk….I’d never make it.

22. My local family has been in the industrial supply and gas industry for over 30 years right here in Palm Beach County. That business competes against giant conglomerates, and has withstood the test of time. I’m proud of our family’s resilience. My out of state family worked in agriculture, law, and the music industry. We have famous people in the family, but I’m not one of them.

Let me know if you have any further questions Mr. Chair, Ms. Vice-Chair or William Rankin. I’ll be happy to answer them. But I will say this: Don’t EVER tell me, a Florida (lifetime) resident, that I don’t have the right to question or research any candidates that will affect our state or federal policies, and don’t mistake me for a lemming. You are asking for my vote, my money and my trust.

William Rankin, at that meeting in Lake Worth, FL on Veteran’s Day night, you flat out asked me to volunteer for your campaign, and run your social media. I told you to retain me. Of COURSE I vetted you. I have every right to vet you, research you, and demand answers. I would never take you on as a client, Sergeant. Not with what I’ve discovered. If your only answer to all the lingering questions is, “She works for Jeff!” Well…….I’m sure Atwater would be surprised to know that he employs me. I certainly was surprised to learn that myself tonight. If you feel you are above the basic elements of the interview process that every other applicant has to endure for any job from waitstaff to executive, then GO HOME.

Stop insulting the people, and answer the darn questions. Don’t bother slinging mug at me-I’m not asking to take voters’ money, and hopes, and then forget about them and (potentially) run off with the proceeds. I’m looking for a REAL candidate, and I don’t care about party affiliation.

Finally, to you William Rankin: PROVE ME WRONG.

Petty Officer First Class, USN (EOAS 6/13)


About imaconstitutionalist

Single mom, US Navy Vet, honorably discharged after awarded for meritorious military service. Former professional musician. Owner of a strategic digital marketing, design and development firm. Volunteer. History and economics major. Staunch Constitutionalist and capitalist. Advocates for women, education, innovation development, legalized medical marijuana, and against parental alienation, the socialist agenda, and misogyny. Extremely proud of my family's patriotic history. Daughter of the American Revolution. Fan of Adam Smith, with a not-so-secret crush on Milton Friedman.
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5 Responses to Who Is imaconstitutionalist?

  1. chris cannan says:

    Well done. Little Lady…big sharp teeth, reminds me of the rabbit in Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

  2. Paul Jasser says:

    Well written. I only hope more people come across this. Thank you for being who you are.

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