Sunshine State News Runs imaconstitutionalist’s Report on William Rankin (D) FL

If you didn’t know already, William D. Rankin, newbie Democrat and recent transplant from Cincinatti, OH, is running for the position of Florida State CFO against Jeff Atwater (R), Incumbent and lifetime Florida resident.

Rankin has personally accused me of being an operative for Jeff Atwater (bwahahahaha…DEEP BREATH…hahahahahahaha) in lieu of answering questions about his sketchy background.

But this was a team, and bi-partisan, effort to make sure that voters have the best candidates available for consideration, no matter their party affiliation. We can clearly work together… why can’t our representatives and leadership?

Though I appreciate the kudos from the local news sources, this all started when local Democratic leaders and legal professionals in Palm Beach County, a progressive activist in Broward County (of whom I’m now a huge fan, despite our political differences), and a well-respected West Palm Beach attorney with whom I have the daily pleasure of working, started asking questions. Each individual received a wave-of-the-hand dismissal by William David Rankin when they demanded answers.

One answer from Rankin (about his potential performance if elected to be the Florida State CFO) was quoted as, “I can’t be any worse.” Who says that?

I’m simply the girl that writes on politics, loves research and works in social media. This guy was right up my alley, unfortunately for him.

I’ve had the displeasure of listening to Rankin, in person, bloat his military experience while simultaneously omitting other dubious dealings. That was on Veterans Day. When I thanked him for his service, he said about his CID job, “It was easy.” Yeah. Almost as easy as duping your party’s leadership, I suppose.

That’s when I got involved in the search for the Real William Rankin. When he inferred that he (as a mid-level enlisted who had been med-boarded out) spent eleven years creating and implementing policy for the US Army CID, I was shocked. What E-6/E-7 says that?

At the end of the day, we are a community of educated and concerned voters. We are residents with families and community ties and care about local and state policy as much as federal policy.

Be warned if you decide to run: We will vet you, we will ensure you’re qualified, and if you are the right person for the job, we will vote for you based on well-supported research and due diligence.

Author’s note: I did reach out to Rankin’s previous employers and partners (that we’ve found so far) to no avail. No one is rushing to Rankin’s rescue. There have been a few material changes to his website bio as his story keeps changing. I look forward to Rankin’s withdrawal from this race.

Sunshine News Columnist reports:
William Rankin: He’s Allie Braswell All Over Again | Sunshine State News by Nancy Smith, Columnist


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Single mom, US Navy Vet, honorably discharged after awarded for meritorious military service. Former professional musician. Owner of a strategic digital marketing, design and development firm. Volunteer. History and economics major. Staunch Constitutionalist and capitalist. Advocates for women, education, innovation development, legalized medical marijuana, and against parental alienation, the socialist agenda, and misogyny. Extremely proud of my family's patriotic history. Daughter of the American Revolution. Fan of Adam Smith, with a not-so-secret crush on Milton Friedman.
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4 Responses to Sunshine State News Runs imaconstitutionalist’s Report on William Rankin (D) FL

  1. I can only speak for myself, and look forward to watching the primary elections. I understand that you will be running as well, from what you’ve written. When you make your announcement, we will certainly take interest in what you can offer the State of Florida as well. All the best!

  2. Please make sure to use both lower-case and upper-case text to better communicate your ideas. Also, check your spelling and grammar. Since you may be running for office, that is the best advice I can give you right now. Again, best of luck!

  3. Sir. I agree, we’d love to see a strong candidate, regardless of Party affiliation. But your rants, in all caps (again) are a bit of a PR nightmare, and if you are desiring to run, my best suggestion is to retain the services of a marketing/PR professional.

    The leadership of the Florida Democratic Party is aware of the flaws in their (lack of) vetting, and have made clear that they are in search of a more viable candidate. Could that be you…?

    Maybe. Maybe not. I hope we see real competitors that have expertise in banking, finance, PIP, homeowners, pensions, etc. that are well-qualified for the role of Chief Financial Officer, which manages billions in state funds and budgets appropriations.

    Certainly, if you are qualified for the position and have a JD, CPA, MBA or equitable experience, we will enjoy listening to you tell us what it is that you will be able to accomplish in Tallahassee. Otherwise, I can only consider your copious posts to be blog hijacks. Not the greatest public relations, but interesting maneuver nonetheless.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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