New York City Begins Its Celebration of the End of the Bloomberg Regime

The Billionaire Monarch of “New Yorktopia” is Finally Moving Out

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 108th Mayor of New York City elected in 2001, is finally stepping down this coming January, and for many people, that day can’t come soon enough.  The renegade dictator who has implemented policies without public approval (or knowledge) was just busted down by the New York Court of Appeals AGAIN this week, to the relief of citizens, especially the ever increasing homeless population as he was refusing access to shelters by thousands of homeless if they were “single” and not married or with dependents.

Bloomberg, who has a habit of changing political party allegiance like I change my shoes, is a Democrat.  No wait, he’s a Republican.  Nope.  He’s a so-called Independent.  Born in Massachusetts, Bloomberg’s policies and laws have crossed the line and invaded personal choice and freedom to a degree unimaginable by many, and realized by the citizens that will likely throw a party for his Bon Voyage.

Since his rise to power, Bloomberg has issued 448 Executive Orders.

Let’s take a little tour of Mr. Mayor’s policies (and nepotism) over the past twelve years:

  • 2002 – Bloomberg usurped control of the education system from the State of New York Board of Education, and has held complete control of the school system for over a decade.
  • 2003 – Bloomberg issued Executive Order 41:  EO41 protects the “rights” and “privacy” of illegal immigrants, and bans public services employees or otherwise from inquiring on their immigration status when they are seeking public assistance.  In other words, you don’t have to prove you’re a citizen to have the taxpayers’ dollars and support.  UNREAL.
  • 2003 – Bloomberg rolls out the NYC 311.  This is NYC’s “official website” for government information that consolidated every single agency.  Oh, it was also headed up by the appointed project manager:  Emma Bloomberg, his daughter.  That’s because there wasn’t one, single, non-billionaire heiress that was available to do the job.
  • 2003 – Bloomberg instated the smoking ban, removing millions of dollars from clubs and bars throughout the city and paving the way for international municipalities to further restrict smoking.
  • 2005 – Bloomberg increased the number of women’s toilets in public establishments.  Yes, he literally forced private businesses to add in additional toilets if they were going to be open to the public.  He called it the “Potty Parity” bill.  I would have called it the Potty Hilarity Bill.
  • 2006 – Bloomberg instates “surprise checks” and bans cell phones at all schools, leaving parents without the ability to reach or contact their latch-key kids in a dangerous city.  Bloomberg didn’t realize the worry this caused the average parent, since his daughter attended private school and had a nanny and a chauffeur.
  • 2007 – PLAN NYC, “Taxi of Tomorrow”: Bloomberg implemented a ban on all non-hybrid taxi cabs, putting the owner/operators in a position of massive expense.  After four years, and likely MILLIONS of tax dollars wasted, the Supreme Court overturned this law.  When he was overturned, he then threatened CEO Gene Friedman, the taxi cab king, with a promise that once Bloomberg was out of office, he was going to destroy Friedman’s business.  What?!?!
  • 2008 – Bloomberg bans trans-fats from all restaurants.  I actually agree with this legislature, since it’s a poison and is consumed unknowingly by the public.  The FDA seems to agree as well.
  • 2010 – The Salt Ban.  Another one of Mayor Bloomberg’s public health experiment, requiring national food companies to comply with one city’s mandates.
  • 2012 – The Soda Ban.  Pretending to fight “chronic disease” Bloomberg attempted to limit the sale of large, sugary softdrinks everywhere.  But, the New York Supreme and Appellate Courts let him know that he’d crossed the line.  Hello, Big Gulp.
  • 2013 – Tobacco Product Display Bill.  Not only can you not smoke in public….you shouldn’t be able to even look at packs of cigarettes in pubic, either.   Limiting consumers from seeing a legal product they intend to purchase?  Bloomberg has lost his rocker.
  • 2013 – Age Limit on Tobacco Purchases.  Yes, you can vote.  Yes, you can join the military.  Yes, you can buy porn.  NO, you can’t purchase cigarettes in NYC at 18 anymore.  You now must be 21 years old before you can buy cigarettes in NYC.

These are just a few examples of how Mayor Michael Bloomberg, King of the World, has run his dictatorship in his efforts to create
“New Yorktopia.” 

Though the Supreme Court has stepped in a few times to overturn his laws, I imagine there’s more legal backlash coming down the pike for the new elect, Bill de Blasio.

Enjoy that hot dog, Mike.

NYC - Empire State Building View

NYC – Empire State Building View

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    Fuck Bloomberg, NYC and anyone who is stupid enough to conform with the idiocy and live there. Seriously.

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