Gun Control May Not Be THE Answer to the Child Shooting Pandemic

The Valerie Strauss article published in the Washington Post this past February identified over 44 school shootings since Newtown. A chilling reality prompting many to call, née scream, for tighter gun control laws.

(Read it here: Washington Post Article)

Many non-parents see this pandemic solely as a “gun control” issue. I disagree. Though there is a completely unnecessary number of weapons in the hands of untrained individuals (adults) who think the country is set to collapse tomorrow, this is really about parents – and lawmakers – that are in total denial. The reality?

This is a cultural problem promulgated by a society that has turned out some of the absolute worst parents ever. We can thank government to an extent-the hands of parents and teachers have been tied by agencies like DCF that simply don’t see any value in discipline or rules and a softer-gentler approach to the word “NO” that includes bargaining and negotiating with toddlers, setting the stage for parents and school administrators to simply give up with the Tweens and teens that are focused and hell-bent to get what they want, when they want it, with absolutely no ability to consider long-term consequences (read Miller v. Alabama).

Coupled with the false correlation of “bad behavior = ADD/ADHD” or some other diagnosis that removes parental responsibility and repulsive “zero-tolerance” policies that no longer force school administrators to hold a singular child responsible for bad behavior (similar to the everyone gets a trophy philosophy) this has been a recipe for disaster that is finally becoming apparent in the monthly (if not weekly) reports of child murderers.

I have a possible solution. Instead of “gun control” measures that will be opposed and never make an actual impact, let’s make parents criminally responsible for the behavior of their children. Though some states have civil penalties for parents,the statutory criminal liability in most states for parents is typically confined to driving and vandalism crime parental responsibility. That’s not enough incentive to force parents to, well, parent.

My message to parents (as a parent myself):

▪️You don’t know your child as well as you think.

▪️Your child doesn’t have a right to privacy-no matter what the genius courts have ruled or what school districts and physicians and HIPAA laws say.

▪️YOU are not more important than your child, and have an absolute duty to protect society from your problem child.

▪️YOU are not a teenager-and your teenager is not an adult. He/she is also not your friend.

▪️It doesn’t take a village-nor is it that village’s responsibility-to raise your child.

▪️Stop partying and start parenting. You decided to procreate and therefore the party is over.

▪️Inspect your child’s room, meet their friends and their friends’ families.

▪️If your child commits a violent crime YOU should be held criminally responsible for negligence and charged via a felony-murder rule and face life imprisonment or the death penalty.

▪️Let’s see how fast the prospect of life in prison (for you) motivates you to parent.

Admittedly, this is not an instant fix-but neither is the idea that “gun control” will change behavior or a pharmaceutical-riddled society who seeks diagnoses over accountability. Gun control, though well-meaning, is a fallacy; just as living in a gated community makes you “more safe.”

Parental responsibility is the answer. Hold the feet of these irresponsible breeders to the proverbial fire.

About imaconstitutionalist

Single mom, US Navy Vet, honorably discharged after awarded for meritorious military service. Former professional musician. Owner of a strategic digital marketing, design and development firm. Volunteer. History and economics major. Staunch Constitutionalist and capitalist. Advocates for women, education, innovation development, legalized medical marijuana, and against parental alienation, the socialist agenda, and misogyny. Extremely proud of my family's patriotic history. Daughter of the American Revolution. Fan of Adam Smith, with a not-so-secret crush on Milton Friedman.
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