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My Vote Should Be Worth More Than…

That flakey girl standing in line outside the ladies room at my favorite Asian-fusion restaurant last night. There she was, giggling and flipping her over-processed, bleached-blonde hair whilst babbling away to anyone who would listen about nonsensical pop-culture garbage. Hot … Continue reading

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My Late Night Gender Confusion Watching Commercials

As I was watching a rerun marathon of Sex and the City, a series of commercials came on.  At first, it was nothing unusual.  Suddenly, a Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing commercial made me stop.  A highly attractive man was suggestively … Continue reading

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I Blame the Baby Boomers, Corporations, and Capitalism…

The current conditions of society seem to love to blame their personal circumstances on other people and entities.  For example, if I eat too much fatty fast food and blow up to monstrous proportions, I can blame the corporations that … Continue reading

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