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Riveting Reading While You’re on the Commode

Recently, I wrote about the failures of this current Administration and the members of Congress as it pertains to our national security. Specifically, the Iranian arms negotiations, the American hostages rotting in Iranian prisons for trumped-up charges, and the naturalized … Continue reading

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Stop Funding the VOICE OF AMERICA Program

Stop Funding Domestic Propaganda in the United States! Educate Yourselves on US Administration’s FY 2013 Budget Requests: In 1948 the US Government enacted the Smith-Mundt Act which protected Americans from being exposed to US Propaganda Machine, which is under federal … Continue reading

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The Communist Manifesto, Public Service Announcement on Measure 2

Have you had enough time to digest Measure (i)?  Too bad…it’s time for the second tenet of the Manifesto.  Let’s see how this measure can be applied to our current policy, and whether the United States meets the criteria for … Continue reading

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