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My Response to an Upset Facebooker: Hillary Clinton is NOT the Answer

I don’t support Hillary for President in 2016.  It seems almost sacrilegious as a woman, and there’s a part of me that really wishes I could get on the bandwagon.  But I can’t stand her, no matter how I’ve tried.  … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2013 with imaconstitutionalist

As I sit on my MetroSectional, coffee and cigarette on my left, and my iPad on my lap, I have reason to be thankful. I am, after all, home from the military. I see my family in person every day, … Continue reading

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Vetting Process is Clearly Non-Existent in Florida’s Democratic Party

In a laughable attempt to gain footing in Tallahassee, the Democratic Party Committees have blindly endorsed an unknown from Cincinnatti, Ohio named William D. Rankin. The candidate is running for one of the most powerful seats in the State (State … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving from a Sick Chick

As I sit on my Metro-Sectional (yes…that’s really the name of my sofa), sick with bronchitis, counting down until my Active Duty days are over…I’m sending my friends and family the very warmest, albeit germy, wishes for a safe and … Continue reading

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